Procedure for Cleaning Fuel Oil Tanks on a Oil tanker or Chemical tanker

Procedure for Cleaning Fuel Oil Tanks on a Oil tanker or Chemical tanker

1. Oil tanker or Chemical tanker use heavy fuel oil which has a very high viscosity.
2. When stored in fuel tanks, this oil tends to stick inside the tanks forming layers of semi-solid substance.
3. Moreover, many impurities of the oil settle down and stick to the surface of the tanks.
4. It is therefore imperative that the fuel oil tanks are cleaned on a regular basis on Oil tanker or Chemical tanker.
5. Generally, fuel oil tanks cleaning on the Oil tanker or Chemical tanker is done during dry dock and whenever the inspection of the fuel tanks is due.
6. Cleaning is done for surveyor inspection or if there is any work to be done inside the tanks such as crack in fuel tank, leaking steam lines etc.
7. For cleaning a tank various safety precautions are to be considered as it contains flammable gases and oil inside it.

Preparations Done before Cleaning (The following steps are to be followed before starting the cleaning process):
1) Empty the tank as much as possible; strip the tank by trimming the Oil tanker or Chemical tanker forward or aft depending on the suction valve location.
2) When the Oil tanker or Chemical tanker is going for dry-dock the keel plan is to be sent to the shore facility so that they should not put any keel block in the way of the plug present in the bottom shell plating.
3) The tank has to be properly ventilated as it is an enclosed space and might contain flammable gases.
4) It is to be made sure that the steam connections are closed and proper signs and placards are displayed so that during cleaning nobody opens the valve and gets burnt or hurt.
5) The tank has to be checked for flammable gases.
6) The tank has to be checked for oxygen content with the help of oxygen analyser.
7) The tank is drained off left over oil with the help of plugs.
8) The location of plug can be found out in shell plating diagrams.
9) Generally this plug is covered with cement and made streamlined with the shell plating.
10) Enclosed space entry checklist is filled out so that no safety issues are compromised or left.

During cleaning
1. Entry is only to be made inside the tank if the oxygen level is 21% by volume and flammable gases are vented out.
2. One person should always standby outside the manhole door and should be in communication with the person inside.
3. The person outside should continuously communicate with person inside and with the duty officer.
4. In case of hot work to be carried out, a fire line is to be carried inside. Also, a small fire extinguisher for small fire should be there. Inform Port state authority before commencing hot work.
5. The tank is cleaned manually with the help of brushes, rags etc.
6. The oxygen content is continuously monitored and in case the alarm indicates low level, the space has to be evacuated immediately without any delay.

After cleaning
1. Make sure no tool are left inside which may get stuck in the valve or damage the transfer pump
2. The place where crack repair is done should be checked for leaks.
3. If it was a steam leak repair, the coils needs to be checked for steam leak inside.
4. In case of crack or plate renewal the tank has to be pressure tested and checked for leak. If the repair is major it has to be inspected by class surveyor before putting it in operation.
5. Close the manhole after inspection, repairs and cleaning.
6. Close and remove the sign – permit to work.

Dirjen Perla Capt. Bobby R. Mamahit dan Dubes Norwegia Mr. Stig Traavik Tanda Tangani MOU STCW 1978 amandement 2010

Jakarta, Dalam kunjungan kenegaraannya, Perdana Menteri Norwegia, Mrs. Erna Solberg menyaksikan penandatanganan Memorandum of Undertaking oleh Direktur Jenderal Perhubungan Laut, Capt. Bobby R. Mamahit dan Duta Besar Norwegia, Mr. Stig Traavik untuk Pengakuan secara reciprocalSertifikasi competency (keahlian) dan proficiency (keterampilan) pelaut Indonesia dan Norwegia sesuai dengan konvensi STCW 1978 amendment 2010.

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Hazardous occurrence related to overtaking

Challenges faced and Lessons to be learned

Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) has received a report regarding overtaking.
Report Text:
"The incident occurred in the afternoon in the Irish Sea. The weather was NW 5/6 with good visibility. Vessel "A" was on a NW'ly course, ahead and to port was vessel "B" on a NNE'ly course. Vessel "A" appeared to be the overtaking vessel coming up on the starboard quarter of "B" at a speed of about 20 kts. As they closed "A" called the "B" on #16, then onto #6 and the following conversation took place (this is not a word for word recollection of the conversation):
"A" "What are your intentions?"
"B" "Stand-by", then a few seconds later "I have checked your position and you are more than two points abaft my beam."
"A" "Yes sir, what are your intentions?"
"B" "You are more than two points abaft my beam."
"A" "You are showing me a green light (in daylight?), you go around my stern."
"B" "No sir, you are more than two points abaft my beam." The conversation continued in the same vein for a couple of minutes then:-
"A" "Ok sir, I shall alter course to starboard and we pass red to red?"
"B" (Hesitantly) "Ok"
"A" "No sir, I am altering my course to port and we pass green to green? Sorry I do not understand English"
"B" "This has nothing to do with your understanding English, but the understanding of the collision regs."
"B" then suggested that the officer on "A" have a read of Rule 13 of the collision regs.
"A" then returned to #16 altered course to port and passed around the stern of the "B".
Without wishing to seem cynical, but there appeared to be a total lack of understanding of the "basics" of the collision regs in this incident and it gives me reason to be concerned.

CHIRP Comment
The Maritime Advisory Board noted this incident bore many similarities with the collision between the Hyundai Dominion and Sky Hope, where the vessels were debating the Rules almost up to the point of collision! Rule 13 (c) states:
"When a vessel is in any doubt as to whether she is overtaking another, she shall assume that this is the case and act accordingly."
There is clearly a language issue in this incident and whilst the English language used in this exchange may not be considered difficult; the use of Standard Marine Communication Phrases is recommended when dealing with an OOW (Officer of the Watch) whose first language is not English.


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