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Hazardous occurrence related to overtaking

Challenges faced and Lessons to be learned Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) has received a report regarding overtaking. Report Text: "The incident occurred in the afternoon in the Irish Sea. The weather was NW 5/6 with good visibility. Vessel "A" was on a NW'ly course, ahead and to port was vessel "B" on a NNE'ly course. Vessel "A" appeared to be the overtaking vessel coming up on the starboard quarter of "B" at a speed of about 20 kts. As they closed "A" called the "B" on #16, then onto #6 and the following conversation took place (this is not a word for word recollection of the conversation): "A" "What are your intentions?" "B" "Stand-by", then a few seconds later "I have checked your position and you are more than two points abaft my beam." "A" "Yes sir, what are your intentions?" "B" "You are more than tw…